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Mobilicity, HTC Amaze 4G and Ice Cream Sandwich

ICS 이스트에그 ㅋ 나름 귀엽습니다~
ICS 이스트에그 ㅋ 나름 귀엽습니다~ (Photo credit: hoon8007)
Recently I purchased a HTC Amaze 4G smart phone from a Mobilicity vendor here in Toronto. I'm very pleased with the phone and it's capabilities.

The vendor agent, was very helpful and one can't fault him, (too much ;-D) when he told me that Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) was available for my phone. The reason he said this was that the other phone I was looking at  in his store (a Samsung) already had ICS. Now I'm not too sure, why he said this, but perhaps he was getting an incentive to sell the Amaze which is no longer HTCs flagship phone, now that the HTC 1 is out (or at least being hyped)?
Once I got the phone home and started looking for the update; damn if I could find it. Of course! (That's sarcasm, folks)

Am I the only one that find this atrocious? When I contacted HTC and Mobilicity in the middle of last month, each pretty much laid the blame at the feet of the other. Recent messages via HTCs Facebook page and to Mobilicity's Facebook page AND email address (gleaned from their Facebook page) have resulted in no response.
Hm .... Great customer service! (not)

ICS brings quite a few improvements, not the least of which is improved battery functioning and security patches for holes in Gingerbread, which I currently run.

So, when is my upgrade coming Mobilicity?! It's only been 6 months since Google released ICS.

Update: HTC/Mobilicity have released the update, just noticed it today on a retweet of their original tweet. It's been out for several days apparently, and yes, sure enough when I checked manually it was available. Yay! 'Bout time!
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  1. Hobart2993:12:00 PM

    I am a Mobilicity customer and an HTC Amaze owner.I contacted HTC about there update and I was told it would be June or mid July for us.

  2. Thanks for the update. I received a response from HTC this afternoon saying the same.

  3. Bmw325e9:11:00 PM

    I called Mobilicity when T-Mobile got ics and they didn't even know what I was talking about

  4. Guess some are more technically literate then others -- What location was it?

    My sales agent on Parliament St., TO is well informed. Even runs ICS on his rooted phone. I recommend anyone buying a phone to at least talk to him, he's quite knowledgeable and IMHO Mobilicity is very fortunate to have one of his calibre!

  5. You should have it by now. Got mine last week via OTA update. It fixed the WiFi bug that periodically would disconnect the phone from my LAN. Yay!


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