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Mobilicity Customer? BEWARE!

Mobilicity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Yes yours truly is a subscriber, and after a year I'm not so much a fan any more.

The problem, or my issue(s) with Mobilicity started shortly after subscribing, (about this time last year) when I discovered that their website doesn't use https.

Https is a secure protocol used by websites that process sensitive information, mainly financial.

Upon visiting Mobilicity's website one is warned, (in this case by Google-Chrome) that the website certificate has expired. Not good!

The question I ask, is how can a company that expects one to give them our credit card information and access to our banking particulars be so amateur, when producing their own website - I mean our information is wide open to anyone sniffing on the network, and/or a man in the middle attack?!

Now, I readily admit that yours truly is attracted to Mobilicity because of their prices, and so called lack of BS, but read on - they appear to have their own source of BS.

Now on to today's problem, and the reason why I'll probably be leaving Mobilicity.

I have, since last year, always paid 3 months in advance - something that Mobilicity gives one the option to do for a discount. The new anniversary effective today, (May 07 2013) I decided to pay for May, rather than the next 3 months.
So, in light of that decision, the last week of April I deposited $70+ into my mobilicity account, to cover the $50 monthly cost. All is well you say?

Not so, dear reader.
This morning my cell phone went dead (no phone/data service). Apparently Mobilicity thinks that I haven't paid my account for the upcoming month, hm ... time to make a phone call.

So, I call Mobilicity customer service, (I assume since it was auto-routed) and talk to a CSR going by the name "Dennis", who tells me he is from Central America - he does speak with a Latino accent.

So, playlng things low key I start by saying that just found out my account was suspended. After a short pause he says sanctimoniously,  yes, for non-payment.

I tell Dennis that is incorrect, I hear a pause, Dennis starts to say something, then abruptly pauses. Dennis then says, you deposited $70.00 into your account from your "wallet" and bank account, however sir your plan is for 3 months, therefore it was suspended.

This is asinine on two accounts:

  1. When opening the account last spring at the Mobilicity store on Parliament and Wellesley Streets, Ashfuk, the sales representative at the time, when asked, said that changing to a monthly term in no problem -- Just ensure that the proper dollars are either in your wallet or your account prior to anniversary. Which I did.
  2. What kind of company doesn't automatically renew for the lesser term if the money is in the account?! I mean just suspending the account before checking is absurd, not to mention, bad business practice.
So, yours truly informed Dennis to change it to monthly, effective immediately,  and to re-enable my service.

I also told him that I expect, Mobilicity to give me a credit of one month due to their screw-up  Unfortunately I was waiting for an important call - An employment opportunity, which I appear to have missed!
Thanks so much Mobilicity!

Anyone have recommendations for another provider that can accept Mobilicity protocol scheme? Think it's HSPA+

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