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Syria's White Helmets - Who Are They Really?

Lately there has been controversy on the "White Helmets" - especially when it was announced that they had been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Twitter and other social media erupted with both pro and con messages towards this group. This is on the heels of the leader of the White Helmets being refused entry into the United States - with the latter being coy on the reasons he wasn't allowed into the United States.
Even in my country Canada, the NDP federal party has pushed for them to be honored at the Nobel Party. I'm sure the NDP is well meaning if not hopelessly naive - they obviously haven't done their research into the civil war that's been going on in Syria for 5 years - Something that occurs often these days in the west, unfortunately.
Some of us - myself included have been saying that this group isn't who they say they are: "Unarmed and Neutral" as per this screenshot from their web site.
In fact there is plenty of evidence around for those that are serious to discover that they are a propaganda operation funded by the USA and UK. I have included some screenshots from my Twitter feed which show "White Helmet" volunteers, who apparently don't follow the unarmed and neutral mission statement. From what I understand, this is pretty much widespread, as these White Helmets, only work in Al-Nusra or ISIS held areas. We've also seen video footage of them waiting on the sidelines while Islamic extremists, execute regime soldiers or civilians, and then appear instantly in the video frame to remove the bodies. Seems they are working hand in hand with the terrorists!

So, you the reader shall make up his/her mind about this group.


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