Dec 4, 2023

Globe and Mail Interview Concerning Honoring of SS Galicia Division Veteran in Canadian Parliament | Ivan Katchanovski -

Globe and Mail

Interview Concerning Honouring of SS Galicia Division Veteran in Canadian Parliament Published in Globe and Mail, September 24, 2023 Ivan Katchanovski, Ph.D.
School of Political Studies
University of Ottawa
Ottawa, ON, Canada

The scene in Parliament will have potentially serious ramifications beyond Canada, said Ivan Katchanovski, a University of Ottawa political scientist who has published on the SS unit and is writing a book about the Ukraine war. He called the standing ovation, “beyond comprehension.”
He pointed out that Russia has falsely used the de-Nazification of Ukraine as propaganda to gain support for its invasion of the country last year. He suggested that both Canadian politicians and Mr. Zelensky will need to quickly distance themselves from the scene in Parliament. 
Dr. Katchanovski says that the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS was renamed the First Ukrainian Division at the end of the war — a move to distance the unit from Nazi ties, and depict its members as fighting to protect Ukraine from a Russia invasion. But he said the volunteer unit was originally formed in 1943, after Germany lost the Battle of Stalingrad, under the Waffen SS, the combat branch of the Nazi Party’s paramilitary. 
Mr. Katchanovski says the unit has been linked to massacres of civilians carried out in villages in Poland. It has been a source of ongoing controversy in Ukraine, he says, with Mr. Zelenksy, who is Jewish, publicly condemning a march celebrating the unit that was held in Kyiv a few months before Russia’s invasion.

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Dec 1, 2023

Larry Johnson: The West Pushed Ukraine to War and Kiev Now is Paying

An excellent read as usual from Larry:

This is a follow up to my previous piece describing how the United States and NATO sabotaged the peace talks between Russia and Ukraine in March 2022. Within the last week we have two members of Ukraine’s negotiating team confirm the information that was published two weeks ago by Hajo Funke and Harald Kujat, Harald Kujat is not just some guy with an opinion. He was the head of Germany’s military. The two members of the Ukrainian team — Oleksiy Arestovich (Zelensky’s former righthand man) and David Arakhamia (a Zelensky look alike who is a member of the Rada).

Vladimir Putin was the first person to publicly describe what happened with the negotiations when he met with an African delegation in July 2023. Putin told the African leaders:

“Russia has never refused negotiations. A whole series of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine took place in Turkey to develop confidence-building measures and prepare the text of the treaty itself.

The head of the negotiating team from Kiev initialled this draft agreement. Here he is. It is called the “Treaty on Permanent Neutrality and Security Guarantees for Ukraine.” 18 articles.

Moreover, there is also an application for it. This applies to the armed forces and other things. Everything is spelled out, down to the units of military equipment and the personnel of the armed forces. Here is this document. And it was initialled by the Kiev delegation.

But after we, as promised, withdrew the troops from Kiev, the Kiev authorities, as their masters usually do, threw it all into the dustbin of history. Let’s put it this way, carefully and intelligently.”

Arestovich, who is now on the outs with Zelensky, makes the strongest statement


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Nov 30, 2023

Is the US led Empire in Decline?

Good roundtable discussion on this subject with Glen Diesen, Alexander Mercouris and guest Col (ret'd) Lawrence Wilkerson.

What I'm reading today: The situation in Canada is not favourable, as the Air Force has exhibited a decline in several crucial areas. What happened? Why are the fighter pilots quitting? Would it be possible for them to contribute to NATO? Is it too late to fix it? Tune in for answers! Douglas Macgregor: “Russia has written off the Biden Administration, to control everything from Ukraine” Matthew Hoh: Unveiling Hidden Global Events: Media Silence and Rising Tensions in the Middle East Is the US an honest broker in the Middle-East from RollingStone magazine, Abby Martin on Hillary's NeoMcCarthyism and 'Gaza Fights for Freedom,'

Nov 29, 2023

SCOTT RITTER: on The End of US Nuclear Superiority

Mr. Ritter discusses the current state of nuclear arms control between the US and Russia, particularly in light of the recent termination of a Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile test by the US Air Force. 

The author, Scott Ritter, contends that the United States has historically engaged in arms control negotiations in a dishonest manner, aiming to maintain nuclear superiority rather than parity, and that Russia has ceased to be interested in pursuing arms control agreements within the legacy of the Cold War. 

Scott also mentions the failure of a British Vanguard submarine's Trident II missile test launch and the aging of the US and British strategic nuclear deterrence forces. 

The author concludes that the US must either spend huge amounts of money to reach nuclear parity with Russia or negotiate from a position of strategic inferiority. Any failure to do so could trigger an arms race with fatal consequences.

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