Nov 27, 2020

Comical Trump - Don't Talk to me That Way, I'm the President

 This made my Friday, apologies if you voted for the moron, (Donald J. Trump) but it is what it is. Enjoy the video.

Nov 15, 2020

A Prime Example of What Socialism is, Explained by a Southerner

 This young lady who I presume is American and from the Southern US, explains succinctly what Socialism is and how it's the American Way. It's only the 1% who want us to think it's evil — for obviously selfish reasons. Hat-Tip to Ms. Illan Omar for finding this gem.

The video:

Nov 14, 2020

Firefights Break Out Between India and Pakistan, according to some reports [Video's]

 I'm posting this on my blog, because both Twitter & Reddit have censored SouthFront. Personally speaking I haven't found any evidence of false reportage by this news-site, and quite frankly I find it disturbing that they are in fact censored.

It seems the only reason is that they don't follow the official western narrative. However, we at Slacktivism is about exposing the double standard our governments practise in the name of “Democracy”. Doesn't the voting public deserve to know what our governments are doing in our names? I think so — even if the truth is embarrassing or exposes hidden truths. We need more truth to power!

At least 11 people were killed and 30 others were injured in a recent exchange of strikes between Pakistan and India in the disputed Kashmir region.

The Pakistani Armed Forces and government blamed India for initiating clashes by firing rockets and mortar shells that killed 5 Pakistani civilians and wounded 27 others on November 12 and 13. The Pakistani side described the attack as ‘unprovoked incident of cease-fire violations’ and said that Pakistani troops responded by targeting the Indian posts.

The Indian military said three of its soldiers were killed and three others were wounded. Three Indian civilians were also killed by Pakistani shelling. The Indian side says that it acted in response to Pakistani shelling and actions of Pakistani sabotage groups.

The situation in the area remains tense but there are no indications of any offenisve preparations by any side. View video's


Nov 5, 2020

UK Government Report Refutes Journalist & Insider on Cambridge Analytica "Shenanigans" & "RussiaGate"

Some excellent reportage from the Grayzone's Alexander Rubinstein. There are many quotes that I could have gladly pasted here, but this one struck me as the best summary of the entire story:

“The ICO has conducted a reverse engineering exercise to try to identify and confirm as far as possible, how SCL/CA processed the personal data they held… my findings were also informed and corroborated based on accounts obtained from witness interviews and the contents of statements taken during the investigation,” Denham said.

The methodically detailed investigation’s findings were a damning commentary on the Western media that opportunistically painted SCL-Cambridge Analytica as a batcave command center for Putin and the Bannonite far-right.
Please read the entire article, even if you believe(d) that the RussiaGate conspiracy was true. These are crazy times and journalism like this is important more than ever!

Feb 5, 2020

No One Likes the Deal of the Century for Palestine.

No one. Please watch this discussion with  Arab Studies professor, Rashid Khalidi on The Real News Network. <a rel="me" href="">Mastodon</a>

Jan 30, 2020

Must Watch if You Like Hummingbirds, Especially!

Incredible video montage of hummingbirds — I've never, ever seen so many in a group at one time. Incidentally, what's a group of hummingbirds called — A Flock? Serious question ... Anyways enjoy!

Comical Trump - Don't Talk to me That Way, I'm the President

 This made my Friday, apologies if you voted for the moron, (Donald J. Trump) but it is what it is. Enjoy the video.