Jan 4, 2020

Does this Practice of the RCMP Bother Canadians?

Just finished reading a great piece by Jim Bronskill on how the RCMP routinely develops profiles from publicly available social media postings, on activists.

 Should they be doing this without having cause to suspect an individual or group, of criminal activities of wrong doing? Please feel free to voice your opinion in the comments.

Personally, I don't believe so and apparently neither does the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. Cara Zwibel, director of the organization's Fundamental Freedoms program says, “The fact that someone's an activist should not be enough to render them the subject of suspicion by law enforcement, That to me, is a problem in a democratic society”.
The RCMP is defending its practice of profiling people by scouring their social-media postings, saying the police force lawfully obtains information with the aim of protecting Canadians.
A Toronto activist concerned about mining-industry abuses recently learned the Mounties compiled a six-page profile of her shortly after she showed up at a federal leaders debate during the 2015 election campaign.
An analyst with the RCMP's tactical internet intelligence unit ultimately found no indication that Rachel Small, an organizer with the Mining Injustice Solidarity Network, was involved in criminal acts.
Small said it was "kind of creepy and unsettling" to see the RCMP profile, which came to light years later through an access-to-information request.
read: Mounties defend social media profiling of protestors
For activists CSIS spying revelations were cold comfort

Dec 31, 2019

Remember 20 Years Ago - The Y2K Crisis?!

The Sky was falling, and mayhem was going to ensue all because of the Y2K bug. Either it was overblown, or the consultants did their jobs leading up to Y2K. Anyway the world held its breath, and waited for planes to fall out of the sky, etc.
Picture saying "Remember to turn off your computer before midnight 12/31/99

Dec 17, 2019

Another 'Toon - Canadian Weather Conversion Chart for Yankees.

The last one was my favourite — as a long-suffering Maple Leaf fan. I do remember the last Stanley Cup though. Yes I'm ancient, at least millennial's think so.

Dec 6, 2019

Good to see Canadian Trade Unions and others alarmed at the recent Coup in Bolivia voice their concerns!

I completely missed posting this to my feed last month — And this is a very important subject.
We simply can't allow our so-called Western Democracies, to overthrow legitimately elected governments like this — especially when they have overwhelming political support by the masses in that country! Think of indigenous rights!
Canada should be very ashamed, especially a Liberal government, supporting these actions. We have our former Foreign Minister, Chrystia Freeland to thank for this abomination!

by Arnold August - 

On November 11, 2019, following the violent, racist, U.S.-led coup in Bolivia against Evo Morales — which was supported from the outset by Canada’s Justin Trudeau government —  I posted an appeal (in English, French, and Spanish) on YouTube denouncing the green light given by Trudeau on October 29 to Donald Trump’s plan. Just a few hours after the coup was consummated, Trudeau declared his support for it.
What right does Canada have to elect the government of Bolivia, to intervene in that country’s internal affairs? RELATED:Bolivia to Hold New General Elections in March 2020The YouTube appeal was especially directed at New Democratic Party (NDP) MPs, who were elected with the support of the trade unions. “I’m appealing to the unions and the workers of Canada to put pressure on the NDP to take a stand against the Trudeau government, which is supporting this racist attack against Evo Morales.”
The appeal was also directed at the Bloc Québécois, which won more Quebec seats in Canada’s Parliament then Trudeau’s own Liberal Party.
“We the people of Quebec and Canada, along with our Indigenous brothers and sisters in Canada cannot turn our back on the Indigenous people of Bolivia. Especially when some in Bolivia are burning the Wiphala flag, which is not only the symbol of the original peoples of Bolivia but the emblem of the whole region.”
“How would we feel if somebody somewhere decided to burn the Quebec or the Canadian flag? We must defend the people of Bolivia and take a strong position against Justin Trudeau’s interventionist, pro-imperialist policy,” I concluded.
Further to these and other appeals and comments on the social networks, responses started coming in. The first one of note appeared on the Facebook page of Natalia d’Agnese, an activist with Quebec’s left-wing Québec Solidaire party. She wrote: “Totally agree. The Canadian government is supporting a coup by a far-right, evangelistic, racist component of the opposition. Some Latin American countries have begun taking positions, including Mexico, Uruguay, the Argentine senate and its new president, and others.”
Next up was Alexandre Boulerice, Deputy Leader of the NDP, the party’s Quebec lieutenant, and a member of the Canadian Parliament since the 2011 elections: “In Bolivia, the Wiphala — the flag of the Indigenous peoples — was attacked after Evo Morales’s departure”; “I am angry at the coup d’état against @evoespueblo and worried about the changes affecting the #Indigenous people and the @socialists. #democracy #Bolivia #NDP (@Lobs)”
The Durham Region Labour Council (@DurhamRegionLC), representing the members of many affiliated unions of this Ontario city, announced: “We will be submitting an emergency resolution to be discussed at the @OFLabour convention in a few weeks to denounce @cafreeland's support of a coup in Bolivia. #ElMundoConEvo #GolpeDeEstadoBolivia”
Canada’s largest union, the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), with over 680,000 members throughout the country, published a statement of its “concern about the developing situation in Bolivia, which has led to a coup.
“CUPE calls on the Government of Canada to recognize and respect the sovereignty of the Bolivian people to determine their own political future, without military or foreign interference. We further call on the Liberals to stop taking their foreign policy cues from some of the world’s most right-wing governments.
“We extend our solidarity and support to the Bolivian people who will be most affected by the social or economic instability that accompanies this attack on their democratic rights.”
The situation concerning this Latin American country is developing minute by minute. It is too early to draw conclusions; however, the initial reaction proves what has been stated in previous articles about Latin America: that a large majority of Canadians oppose US imperialism and its allies.

America is An Oil Company ...

Love this toon, speaks the truth doesn't it?