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Mobilicity Customer? BEWARE!

Mobilicity (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Yes yours truly is a subscriber, and after a year I'm not so much a fan any more.

The problem, or my issue(s) with Mobilicity started shortly after subscribing, (about this time last year) when I discovered that their website doesn't use https.

Https is a secure protocol used by websites that process sensitive information, mainly financial.

Upon visiting Mobilicity's website one is warned, (in this case by Google-Chrome) that the website certificate has expired. Not good!

The question I ask, is how can a company that expects one to give them our credit card information and access to our banking particulars be so amateur, when producing their own website - I mean our information is wide open to anyone sniffing on the network, and/or a man in the middle attack?!

Now, I readily admit that yours truly is attracted to Mobilicity because of their prices, and so called lack of BS, but read on - they appear to have their own source of BS.

Now o…

Want to Know How Bitcoin Works?

The bitcoin logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Unless you've been living under a rock, a cave or not on the internet, you've probably heard of Bitcoin.

Our friends over at the KHAN Academy have done this nice and thorough Bitcoin 101 on how the Bitcoin ecosystem works.

The KHAN Academy is well known for it's free tutorials on programming and math, so it's great to see such tutorials on Internet phenom like this. They have a pretty extensive "101" section on the financial industry as well -- not just bitcoin.

Enjoy the article (it's done in movie form) and I would especially recommend one read the comment section. Further questions are answered there.
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