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War Stinks!

Glen Greenwald

Portrait of Glenn Greenwald -creator of Unclaimed Territory blog and contributing writer at (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Have to admit that yours truly respects this fellow - he's helped to provide context to the Edward Snowden documents that in their raw form are quite laborious to trawl through.
From Glenn's bio:
"I was previously a constitutional law and civil rights litigator and am now a journalist. I am the author of four books -- "How Would a Patriot Act" (a critique of Bush executive power theories), "Tragic Legacy" (documenting the Bush legacy), and "Great American Hypocrites" (examining the GOP's electoral tactics and the role the media plays in aiding them), and With Liberty and Justice for Some (critiquing America's two-tiered justice system and the collapse of the rule of law for its political and financial elites)" Highly recommend that if one is interested in government surveillance that one follow his  blog, …