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Hello Virgin, Bye Bye Mobilicity

Image via CrunchBase Well, finally moved my mobile phone account from Mobilicity to Virgin Mobile Canada.
For approximately $10 more than what I was paying at Mobi, I get LTE with 1Gbyte of data.

Sure Mobilicity was "unlimited", but what good is unlimited data when it doesn't work when needed, or if it does, works at a snails pace?
I'm speaking as one that wasn't a bandwidth hog - I never even came close to 500 Mbytes of data at my heaviest usage - most of the time my Nexus 5 was on WiFi.
Besides, we all know that Mobilicity is in receivership, under court protection and it's days are numbered.
So, we'll see how things go with VirginMobile Canada - I'll keep this uptodate in this regard.
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