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US Generals Feed Intelligence Data to the Syrian Regime

And Its Been Happening For Some TimeAccording to RT, Seymour Hersh has reported that the head of the DIA and Chiefs of Staff, reported this intelligence military to military through a 3rd party military, which eventually made its way to the Syrian regime.

This is startling to say the least - As Seymour alludes to, the Generals felt that they were honouring the U.S. constitution if not the president. Agree with Seymour that it's confounding in the extreme why the administration up until lately wanted to oust Assad. Guess they felt that satisfying Turkey and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as more important. Sad.

Makes one wonder about the competence of those in power in the U.S. government!

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License Plate Reader Software For The Little Guy

While perusing the Debian-Planet blog today I noticed a post by Petter Reinholdtsen, where he discusses license plate software, (aka license plate reader) that will read the license plate in pictures and videos and output in machine readable format.
It is available in github here, but the developer and Petter have it packaged for Debian. Presently it's sitting in the new que, hopefully it will be in Debian SID soon.

Petter explains on his blog post his reasoning why it should be available to the rest of us, and I must say I agree with his thinking. When tools are available only to the powerful, as in governments, then a state of tyranny exists in my opinion.

Please read Petter's blog post for more information.

SAA Have Trouble Garrisoning and Holding Onto Territory Captured

ISIS Recaptures Maheen

As others have, I question why the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) wastes manpower and lives, on capturing territory that they can neither garrison or keep.
Just seems such a waste as we know that there is a shortage of available manpower in the SAA. This is one of the major reasons that Iran, and the Popular Volunteers from Iraq and Lebanon are providing the bulk of soldiers in the fight.

On Wednesday morning in the Homs Governorate’s eastern countryside, the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) launched a large-scale counter-offensive at the village of Maheen in order to recover several points lost to the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP) and their allies over the last three weeks.Read more

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Reports Indicate ISIS in Libya Training Pilots

According to the Islamic State now in Libya are training pilots to fly planes, opening another dimension to their strategy.
ISIS terrorists in the city of Sirte, northern Libya, are training to fly planes using at least one flight simulator according to military sources in the North African state. The sources added that there is a prevailing belief amongst investigators that the device was seized from the training departments of Gaddafi’s looted airports.Read more

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Shooting standoff in California, multiple victims - YouTube

Huge Movement of Trucks at Syrian Turkish Border Crossing

At the Reyhanli Checkpoint into Turkey As one can see, this is a massive amount of material going through into Turkey - how many of these are carrying crude oil? Reports suggest that the tanker trucks are being camouflaged as regular tractor trailers over the tanks, by ISIL, DAASH.

Russian Air Force Strikes Oil Facilities in al-Sawra

Ukraine And It's Not So Democratic Nation

Ukraine’s ‘Democratic’ Dictatorship

Anyone that thinks the "revolution" in the Maiden was started by the Ukrainians spontaneously, is wrong, in my opinion, and that of others well versed in world affairs. Antiwar's website has a great article by Justin Raimondo:

The media narrative about Ukraine – that the “Maiden revolution” was a democratic European-values oriented revolt against a tyrannical Russian-controlled puppet – has always been  a fairytale, largely perpetrated by the Western media in complicity with the US State Department and the European Union. Yet now that same media is being forced to reexamine their bias in the wake of the Ukrainian government’s banning of 34 journalists and seven bloggers from entering the country. The list of the banned includes journalists from Britain, Switzerland, Israel, Slovakia, Germany, Spain, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Estonia, Bulgaria, Germany, Latvia, Moldova, Macedonia, and Serbia.Read More
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Possibly How Israel Acquired Nuclear Material For 1st Nuclear Weapon

Not necessarily a conspriacy theory, as the folks over at are guilty of good reportage for the most part. Good Read!

According to formerly top-secret and secret Central Intelligence Agency files (PDF) released August 31 in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit (PDF), the agency’s long retention of key information ultimately stymied two FBI investigations into the 1960s diversion of weapons-grade uranium from a Pennsylvania-based government contractor into the Israeli nuclear weapons program.Read more

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Iraqi Forces Destroy VBIED With Kornet ATGM

Finally! Good to see the Iraqi forces are getting the firepower they need to disable these devastating Vehicular Borne Improvised Explosive Device. These VBIEDs have been used with devastating effect lately by Daesh (Islamic State).

This video is should be safe to view - no dead bodies shown.

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The Pitfalls of Being a Doctor in Baghdad IRAQ

Troubling documentary by VICE News. It's both dangerous and disheartening being a medical doctor in this city. If a patient dies, it's not unheard of for the relatives to seek revenge on the doctor by harming him or her, or asking for money. Small wonder that many doctors have left the country, or gone to Erbil.
Infant mortality in Iraq, and Baghdad (a symbol of a nation's medical coverage) is low, as low as a 3rd world country.

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Those Crazy Russians (Documentary)

Excellent 30 minute documentary on Russian Urban Climbers - they're young, bored, and good! Boys and girls both enjoy the sport. (via RT)

Did PM Erdogan and Saudi Arabia Coordinate With AQ Terrorist Groups?

English: Location of Saudi Arabia and Turkey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Almasdarnews had a story today on how Saudi Arabia and Turkey provided access to Turkish Drones in planning and coordinating attack on Idleb, Syria. If Turkey is allowing access to what one would assume are high end NATO drones via computer and smartphone uplink, just shows the level of support these groups are getting.
It's no secret that both countries want Assad removed. Incredible how the only remaining secular government in the middle east, is under attack by governments essentially ruled by Islamic Clergy.

The article from AlmasdarNews.

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US, Canada and U.K. Support Nuclear Weapons in Israel (Surprise!)

Definitely not happy that my government (Harper Government of Canada) supported this measure. Methinks it would be a great idea for the middle east to be a Nuclear Free Zone and Israel has nukes, apparently lots of them. No wonder Iran/Saudi Arabia want to counter that. Saner heads should prevail.

Read full article on Yahoo News.

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Excellent Recap of ISIS battle strategy in the battle of al-Sukhna

The Oryx Blog is an excellent source of information going on in the Levantine War and other foreign hotspots.
He/She is so well informed that they must be an insider intelligence professional - not that I have any knowledge of the former. Just making an assumption.
The blog's article on this assault on is impressive in it's detail. Methinks that perhaps the Syrian Arab Army, is being out generalled! Very disappointing how a so called professional army, can leave the spoils of war intact when retreating.
One would think an officer or leading NCO would ensure that some thermal grenades were used on each piece of equipment before leaving, and any ammunition that can't be taken with them, destroyed.

Not sure if these defenders were "elite" troops or not - I hope not! The article is here:  "The Islamic State's spring offensive: al-Sukhna"
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Islamic State [VIDEO] of Their Attack on SOKHNA, Syria.

Islamic State produced video showing their attack on the Syrian desert outpost of #Sokhna.

From what I've gathered from other sources, the Regime Forces are spread rather thin, and the regime wasn't expecting an attack at this location.
It also seems that ISIS is starting to think in terms of Syria being a softer target, than IRAQ at the present time.
Yes, this is propaganda, (aren't the videos from all sides?) but some may find this interesting non the less. I'm definitely not a supporter of wahhabism or even a muslim, but supply this for research purposes and general interest. We should know what's going on in the world, when we're at war. *NSFW*

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