May 23, 2015

Why Islamic State Is Winning | Consortiumnews

Flag of islamic state of iraq
Flag of islamic state of iraq (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Why Islamic State Is Winning | Consortiumnews

What a great article, which explains to those of us that are scratching their heads, why the U.S. has to follow the House of Saud and I quote:

Given a regime that is increasingly isolated and suspicious of the outside world, the obvious solution for the U.S. would be to loosen its ties with Riyadh, refuse to have anything to do with a religious war against Assad, and try to reach an accommodation with Damascus just as it is doing with Tehran.

But the U.S. can’t. Saudi Arabia is not just any country, but America’s oldest partner in the Middle East. It sits on top of one-fifth of the world’s proven oil reserves and is the dominant partner in the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council, which accounts for another 20 percent of global oil reserves and 23 percent of the world’s proven gas reserves.
The knowledge of the writer(s) at ConsortiumNews is outstanding - I usually learn something from their content. Highly recommended news site!

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