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Showing posts from November 29, 2015

Reports Indicate ISIS in Libya Training Pilots

According to the Islamic State now in Libya are training pilots to fly planes, opening another dimension to their strategy.
ISIS terrorists in the city of Sirte, northern Libya, are training to fly planes using at least one flight simulator according to military sources in the North African state. The sources added that there is a prevailing belief amongst investigators that the device was seized from the training departments of Gaddafi’s looted airports.Read more

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Huge Movement of Trucks at Syrian Turkish Border Crossing

At the Reyhanli Checkpoint into Turkey As one can see, this is a massive amount of material going through into Turkey - how many of these are carrying crude oil? Reports suggest that the tanker trucks are being camouflaged as regular tractor trailers over the tanks, by ISIL, DAASH.

Russian Air Force Strikes Oil Facilities in al-Sawra