Aug 28, 2016

More on the 'Shadow Brokers' Malware Software

Malware logo Crystal 128.
Malware logo Crystal 128. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Today Yours Truly, found an excellent blog while surfing the thing we call the Internet. It's called 'ElectroSpaces' and covers the important field of endeavour called CompSec short for Communications Security. One particular story that has generated interest lately is the formerly obscure group called 'Shadow Brokers' who apparently have a business model of selling malware to the highest bidder.
An excerpt from this excellent article:

Is the Shadow Brokers leak the latest in a series?
(Updated: August 24, 2016)
Earlier this week, a group or an individual called the Shadow Brokers published a large set of files containing the computer code for hacking tools. They were said to be from the Equation Group, which is considered part of the NSA's hacking division TAO.
The leak got quite some media attention, but so far it was not related to some earlier leaks of highly sensitive NSA documents. These show interesting similarities with the Shadow Brokers files, which were also not attributed to Edward Snowden, but seem to come from an unknown second source. More

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