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Showing posts from March 6, 2016

Iraqi Minister of Defense Visits Samarra Island

Unfortunately the above video is in Arabic, but the gist of it is the Iraqi Minister of Defense, Dr. Khalid al - Obeidi visits the liberated areas of Salahuddin, Samarra Island Iraq.

I've been following the Iraqi Ministry of Defense YouTube feed for about 2 years now. I'm impressed with how open the minister documents his meetings and visits. I think we in the west could learn a thing or two on how this fledgling democracy informs it's public and the world at large. Obviously he doesn't allow audio on some meetings between ambassadors et al, but you get what I'm saying - There's a visual record of how hard working he is. I have to admit, I like the man's style!

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Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Treat Wounded DAESH Fighter

As the foregoing video shows, this injured jihadi islamic fighter doesn't seem to mind the fact that a woman is treating him for his injuries. Seems like they're treating him as they would one of their own.
Imagine the shock he has being treated by an unmasked woman! What will his Jihadi friends have to say, upon viewing this video?!
The mainly Kurdish SDFs seem well disciplined.

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