Jul 21, 2016

Western Muslim to a Soldier of Allah

Kaaba, Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
This is great: Translated from French via Google Translate, so forgive the errors in grammar. Should be enough to get the gist, I had no problem understanding.

From: http://goo.gl/6VOA1m

Open letter to a soldier of Allah: Stop calling me "brother"!

Prepare your suitcase. Buys a ticket. Currency countries. Ceases to be schizophrenic. You will not regret it. Here, you are not at peace with your soul.
You're all the time squeegees throat. The West is not for you. Its values ​​attack you. You can not stand the mix. Here, girls are free. They do not hide their hair. They wear skirts. They make up the subway. They run in parks. They drink whiskey.
Here, we do not cut out to the thief. It is not stoning adulterous women. Polygamy is prohibited. It is justice that says. It is democracy that does. It is the citizens who vote the laws. The state is a ship that drives the people. It is not Allah who holds the rudder.

karim Akouche You pray a lot. You hit your head too much against the carpet. What is this black spot you have on the front? You push piety to fanaticism.
Hair ate your chin. often you frequent the mosque. You read dangerous books. You look suspicious videos. There is too much violence in your eyes. There is too much bitterness in your words. Your heart is a stone. You can not feel things. You've washed the brain. Your face is cold. Your jaws are sharp. Your arms are ready to strike. Calm down. Violence does not solve problems.

I know where you come from. You live in the past too. Get out and confronts the present. Hang in the future. We only live once. Why offer her youth to perdition? Why spit on the face of beauty?
I know who you are. You're the man of resentment. The truth is bitter. She often gerber fools. But today I want to tell you. Even make your eyes bleed.

Open your ears. I have things to tell you. You did not invent anything. You have built nothing. You did not bring anything to the world civilization. You've given everything: light, paper, pants, plane, car, computer ... That's why you're upset. Resentment eats your guts.
Inflate your lungs. Breathe.
Civilization is a collective work. There is no superman or subhuman. Equal before the mysteries of life.
All miserable before the disaster. We can not live long hatred. She gives birth to corpses and blood.
Questions the dead. Excavation in the ruins. Dissects the manuscripts. You're late for several revolutions. You never cease to evoke the golden age of Islam. You mean the number zero that your forefathers have invented. You speak Greek philosophers they would have translated. You speak of astronomy and math they would revolutionized. So many myths based on approximation.

Stop fooling the world. The Arabian Nights is a work Persian. History does not play with good feelings. Make Mani Mani what belongs to Mohammed and what follows from Mohammed. Constantly glorify you. Constantly victimize you. Repeatedly called repentance. Those who killed your grandparents died long ago. Grandchildren have nothing to do with colonialism. It is unfair to ask them to apologize for crimes they did not commit.

Your ancestors also conquered peoples. They colonized the Berbers, Kurds, Uzbeks, Copts, Phoenicians, Persians ... They beheaded men and raped women. It is with the sword and the Koran they have destroyed crops. In Africa, they were slave before Goree Island.
Why do you look like that? I only place the tragic thread of the story.

Everything is authentic. You only have to compare the sources. The earth is round like a top, even if there is a hadith which says that it is flat. You should have read the story of Galileo. You have much to learn from his science. You prefer el-Qaradawi. Abul Ala Maududi you love. You listen Tariq Ramadan. Change a little routine. There are more powerful works that religions.

Dostoevsky tries. Opens Crime and Punishment . Shakespeare plays. Ose Nietzche. Even had he announced the death of God, we have the right to invite Allah the tribunal of reason. He will play in a vaudeville. It will make the theater with us. We will give him a role at the height of his message. His children are crazy. They commit carnage on its behalf. We want to question him. He can not shirk. He must appease his texts.

You think I exaggerate? But I am free to think as you are free to pray. I have the right to blaspheme as you have the right to kneel. Each his Mecca and each his bearings. Each and every god his faithful his verses. The prophets castigate and the truth is not unique. Who is right and who is wrong? Who is stupid and is lucid? The sun is high enough to enlighten us. Democracy is large enough to contain our follies.

We are not in Saudi Arabia or Yemen. Here, the state religion is freedom. We can say what we think and we can laugh as sacrilege of the sacred. We have to let his divinity on the threshold of his home. The belief is faith and faith is a flame that is put out in public.

In your country, Christians and Jews hug the walls. Atheists are hunted there. Apostates are massacred. When the soldiers of Allah killed journalists, brothers exploded with joy. They burned flags and buildings. They called for jihad. They promised the West retaliation. One of them has even named her newborn Kouachi.

I do not understand your brothers. There are too many contradictions in their head. There are too many bullets in their guns. They look Mecca, but they dream of Hollywood. They drive Chrysler. They Shoe Nike. They have IPhone. They puff burgers. They love American brands. They fight the "empire", but they have a weakness for its products.

And stop calling me "brother." It has neither the same mother or the same references. You were too far from me. You took a crooked path. I've had enough of your trickery. I too suffered your foolishness. Our ties are broken. I'll give you more confidence. You breathe chaos. You are a child of revenge. You're on a mission. You work for the kingdom of God. The life of this world does not interest you. You're someone else. You're a monster. I do not understand you. You escape me. Today you are fundamentalist, tomorrow you will be terrorist. You will go to swell the ranks of the Islamic State.

One day you kill innocent people. Another, you will be a martyr. Then you will be in hell.
Blank will not come to your bedside.

You will be eaten by worms. You will be devoured by the flames. You will be drowned in the river of wine which hath promised. You will be tortured by the demons of your stupidity. You'll be ashes. You will be dust. You shall be dung. You will be saliva. You shall be ashamed.
You'll be dog. You will be nothing. You will be misery.

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