Mar 2, 2017

Eva Bartlett On Syria

English: Khusruwiyah Mosque in Aleppo, Syria F...
English: Khusruwiyah Mosque in Aleppo, Syria Français : Mosquée Khosrowiyé à Alep en Syrie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I can't recommend Eva Bartlett's work highly enough! It seems in this day and age, it's the independent journalists, who are doing the real work of reportage. Ms. Bartlett, a fellow Canadian, has made us proud - CBC should hire her (if they want to save their credibility as journalists and be arms length of the Trudeau Government) and give her a very important role! That's if she would accept - Point is we need this kind of journalism now. We are in dangerous times!

Please give Eva's website a visit, and I'm sure she'd appreciate any support one can give - Independent journalism isn't funded by deep pocket entities, like MSM.

In the following clip which was taped in Montreal, this January 2017, Ms. Bartlett discusses Syria. She talks about the beginning of the "Revolution" to East Aleppo. Unlike many "journalists" from our MSM who haven't been to Syria, yet report on it - Ms. Bartlett has been to Syria and the frontlines, several times.

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