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Khan Sheikhoun "Sarin" attack - Questions

Adam Larson: author

A Meaningful Report from Independent Experts?
 On September 6, the latest report of the United Nations Independent Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic (hereafter CoI) was released for public review. [1] First circulated on August 8, the report focuses on many incidents in Syria over the reporting period (March 1 to July 7). But all the news reports place emphasis on the findings of clear government guilt for Khan Sheikhoun sarin attack that killed nearly 100 civilians on April 4. It was herald as a solid, if not surprising, report by informed and unbiased experts. [2] But the reality of the “independent” label on this commission is highly questionable.

The CoI was a three-member panel until the frequent dissenter, Carla Del Ponte, resigned prior to news stories of August 6, two days before this report was first circulated. [3] A former Attorney-General in Switzerland, Del Ponte is known to accuse Western-backed forces of grave crimes (organ harvesting…


Interesting piece - sure, it is most likely propaganda, but it is another side to the DPRK that we certainly don't hear about in the West.

If you're like me, surely you must wonder how much of what we're told by our Main Stream Media about the DPRK is true? I don't like being manipulated, especially by my own government. Do you? It's worrisome as well when our leader(s) behave like children in the schoolyard. We expect more from our leaders or should!