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Russia & US UN Representative Nikki Haley on Khan Sheikhoun

Another excellent article from MintPress News on how they posit that the US Permanet Representative to the United Nations was successfully outmaneuvered by Russia's professional diplomats. It's a good read in my opinion. This report should be severely questioned by US media, but for some reason it isn't being ... You be the judge as to why.
Here is an excerpt of the article from MintPress.

"Analysis — The events at the United Nations Security Council surrounding the joint OPCW-UN-JIM investigation report (“the report”) into the alleged Khan Sheikhoun chemical weapon attack are not being widely reported.

This is unfortunate because they show that international opinion is swinging heavily against the report, which has lost credibility.

Here an account of what happened on the two most recent occasions when the UN Security Council discussed this issue is necessary.

On 24th October 2017 the Russians vetoed at the UN Security Council a resolution to extend the OPCW’s mandate i…