Aug 28, 2019

Someone Has Been Trying to Hack my Google Account

Strange things happening to me online via my Google account — Not new, as some entity or person(s) have been trying for some time to hack it.

It started about 3½ years ago, when I was usually tweeting and posting about the Syrian War, and other Middle-East trouble spots. The issue that seemed to be upsetting someone(s) is my not agreeing with US Foreign policy and documenting my concerns with proof of what has been happening or has recently occurred.

These “hacks” are pretty clumsy, attempting to reset my Google password. Fortunately, I've always been security conscious of my online accounts, and if Two Factor authentication is offered, I use it. So, long story short, I suspect it's some right wing entity that wants to prevent me from getting my message out — Yeah I know I'm just a little fish, but someone seems upset enough with moi, to do something.

The reason I'm writing this post now, today, is because I just had a minor disagreement, (at least I thought it was minor) with someone on Twitter over US foreign policy, and immediately I was bombarded with messages from Google asking if it was I, that wanted to change my password. Coincidence? Doubtful in my opinion. Let me explain.

I mentioned that some 3 years ago, was when this was first attempted. So, my email address is '', yet someone else in Miami Florida, USA is using '' as their email address too. As far as Google is concerned, the two variations point to the same account. I had tried to inform Google of this, but you know how easy it is to contact a real person there, so I had no avenue to fix this.
Today, when the password request was sent to my phone, it informed me, it was from someone in Miami, Florida, and they were using an iPhone 6.

Now this person, who appears to be in Florida, is constantly ordering stuff using their bastardized version of my email address, signing up for porn services and various other services, of which I get all the email.

Update: Forgot to mention that yesterday, I received notice that someone had attempted to get a credit card from Capital One, using my email address (the version I mentioned the scammer is using) and name. Thankfully my Google account isn't hacked, as the notice regarding the application came to me. Whew!

If anybody reading this knows anybody at Google who may be able to help, please drop me a message in the comment section. Thank-you.

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