Nov 29, 2021

 The Mighty Wurlitzer Propaganda Operation Take 2

It's really astounding to me how our NGOs and main stream media coverage is being editorialized by the agenda of the  state. Sad days. So following up to last year's post, (almost a year old to a day) here is the followup to what's happening with our demonizing of China.

NGOs And Newspapers In Germany Propagandize Chinese 'Querdenker' Zhang Zhan 

Today a number of U.S. aligned non government organizations launched an anti-China campaign in Germany.

Reporters Without Boarders (RSF) led the campaign together with PEN, Amnesty International and a Germany journalist union. They called for an hour long tweet storm to demand of that German politicians should act to get the Chinese 'journalist' Zhang Zhan released from prison in China.


The campaign was somewhat successful. A search for the #ZhangZhan hashtag used show that a lot of ill-informed people, including many journalists, tweeted or retweeted the issue.


The misinformation spread by Robin Alexander in the above tweet is pretty heavy.


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