Jan 19, 2022

Was the Christian Jesus a Palestinian?

 The following is a thought-provoking article, and I consider some (many?) points to be authentic. Please read it in its entirety before critiquing. When the “Holy Land” was being transitioned into part of Israel, many European Jews identified themselves as “Palestinian” according to the following article, from the https://www.unz.com blog.

A controversy made the US news some years back. It was about whether Jesus was a Palestinian or not, and the arguments got rather amusing. Jews, who hate Jesus(and wish He’d never existed) and despise Christianity above all religions, suddenly got very possessive of Him. He was a Mizrai Jew, not a Palestinian Jew, they insisted. Jews can’t conceive of anything worse than their own kind converting to Christianity — for many Jews, it’s worse than death, more unfathomable than the Holocaust. When Jews go secular or take up Buddhism, they are still regarded as members of the Tribe. But Jews who convert to Christianity are beyond the pale. So, why not let the Palestinians, a people Jews hate almost as much as Jesus, have Mr. Christ for themselves? But that cannot be allowed. One reason is, despite their boundless hatred for Jesus, He is one of the greatest figures in history and theology, and there is prickly pride in the knowledge that all those saphead goyim revere as God some hippie Jew rejected by fellow tribesmen as a loser. As newly minted Christians, goyim persecuted Jews as Christ-killers, but they were nevertheless under the magic spell of a Jew.

The other reason, probably more important, is Jesus still matters a great deal to white folks around the world; therefore, if Jesus were to be associated with Palestinian Identity, white and/or Christian sympathies may shift from Jews(as the Chosen and/or the Holochrist folks) to Palestinians. Whiteness must be emphasized in this equation because not all Christians are crazy about Jews or Israel. Arab Christians don’t subscribe to the notion that Jews are the Chosen with special claim to the Holy Land. (Given that Jews turned the Holy Land into Sodom and Gomorrah with massive globo-homo parades, a Christian who supports Israel should be labeled a Christian-Sodomist than a Christian Zionist. Even non-religious people should be offended by what Zionists have done to the land so rich in historical and spiritual significance; it’s like turning a holy temple into a ‘gay’ bathhouse. After all, even an infidel is offended by pork thrown into a mosque and even a non-Christian(at least if not Jewish) is offended by Antifa-like Pussy Riot antics inside a Russian Orthodox Church.

In a way, the globo-homo stuff in Israel is a smart move. Jews know Evangelical Christians are DUMB and can easily be swayed into believing God blesses those who bless Israel. Chrummies, or Christian dummies, are too moronic to connect the dots and trace their decline to Jewish ascendancy. Jews feel assured that chrummies will blindly support Israel no matter what. The real problem is with so-called secular ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’ whites. They are post-Christian and can’t be swayed by simple God-talk. Their proggy conceit has them craving new meanings from narratives and agendas; they want to feel ahead of the curve, or ‘more evolved’ than others, or fashion uber tradition. Of late, Globo-Homo has become a big thing for them, even of ‘spiritual’ import, i.e. they are so full of love, tolerance, and inclusion whereas the ‘homophobes’, often fueled by religious bigotry, are blind to the ‘rainbow’ wonders of dongs entering bungs or dongs morphing into poons. Jews know the old time religious angle is a hard-sell for such libby-did white dummies or whummies. There’s even the danger of white progs taking up the BDS banner because the GOP has become synonymous with hardline Zionism and hatred against Palestinians.

But, having embraced globo-homo cult as their neo-religion, white progs revere Israel as the homo-place-to-be, not unlike the pitch of Las-Vegas-as-the-Christmas-place-to-be in Albert Brooks’ LOST IN AMERICA. It worked like magic because nothing, with the possible exception of the adoration of George Floyd, is more sacred to libby-dibs than globo-homo; therefore, they are willing to turn a blind eye to Zionist tyranny over Palestinians because ‘gay pride’ > Palestinian justice.

So, Jews got the support of both Evangelical chrummies who idolize Jew as pious Chosen folks and libby-dib whummies who cheer on Israel as the premier ‘gay’ disco-mecca of the world. The use of globo-homo issue as moral cover is called ‘pink-washing’, and it illustrates the sickness of our times where something is deemed sacred on account of its association with sodomy and tranny genital-mutilation. Sadly, even many Palestinians have jumped on this bandwagon because they too have been colonized by Jewish-conceived ‘wokeness’ or understand the idolatrous nature of Western morality whereby value derives from association than inherent merit, i.e. just like religious folks claim to have God on their side, modern morality is about which side has the blessing of sacralized groups, namely Jews-homos-blacks who function as spiritual-common-currency in the Western-hegemonized world order.

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