Mar 10, 2022

Ukraine War: Day 14

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After the lightning victories of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine in the first days of the military operations, Russian forces and their allies are now focused on performing tactical tasks on the separate battlefields. There are fewer and fewer statements about Russian Armed Forces taking control over the cities, but the strategy of the Russian military leadership is becoming more and more distinct, at least in the short term.

While securing the occupied territories, Russian troops are primarily aimed at taking control over the areas in Eastern Ukraine, which Russia has recognized as territories of the DPR and LPR. First of all, this includes the moping-up in Mariupol and the encirclement, followed by the destruction of the AFU grouping in the Donbass region.

After a series of failed attempt to organize humanitarian corridors for civilians from the blockaded city of Mariupol, the joint Russian and DPR forces entered the city and began the moping-up operations.

The DPR PM is operating in the Vostochny district on the left bank of the city, where the main forces of the Ukrainian nationalist battalions are deployed. Russian forces entered the city from the northern and eastern directions.

On March 9, the DPR People’s Militia reported the destruction of the base of the Azov nationalist battalion in the region. About 30 vehicles, 5 armored vehicles, an ammunition and fuel depots were reportedly destroyed.

Ukrainian militants are hiding in the residential areas, on the roofs, in kindergartens, hospitals, putting at risk the lives of local civilians.

At the same time DPR forces began the moping-up of the town of Volnovakha to the north of Mariupol, which was blockaded from the eastern, northern and southern directions. DPR forces have taken control over the biggest part of the town, clashes continue in the western districts.

In its turn, the grouping of the LPR troops continue the encirclement of the city of Severodonetsk, which risks to suffer from similar street clashes and humanitarian catastrophe as Mariupol in the coming days.

Fighting continue in the area of the city of Severodonetsk, and south of the city near the village of Popasnaya. However, no significant advances of the LPR forces were reported in these areas.

The LPR soldiers reportedly managed to repel the UAF from the village of Olginka. If confirmed, this is an important step towards the village of Bakhmut and the cut off the road to the city of Severodonetsk.

On the other front lines the situation is relatively stable.

Russian forces are steadily encircling the capital of Ukraine, without shelling on the city. Following the recent advance of the Russian grouping from the eastern direction, clashes continue with the UAF continue in the areas of Brovary and Boryspil in the east and in the area of Fastov in the southwest.

In the North-East of the country, the situation remains unchanged. Trench clashes continue on the outskirts of Kharkiv.

Russian forces are not in a hurry to enter the city of Mykolaiv and are strengthening their positions around the city. Sporadic clashes are reported in the area. Odessa is waiting for the landing of the Russian assault forces.

Meanwhile, neither Kiev nor Moscow announce the upcoming next round of negotiations, after the parties failed to reach any significant agreements on March 7, and agreements on providing humanitarian corridors collapsed due to Kiev’s inability to control the fighters of nationalist battalions in the blockaded cities. Zelenskiy, in turn, takes advantage of the diplomatic pause and continues his PR campaign, heroically declaring his desire to negotiate personally with Putin, at the same time delaying the official negotiation process between the countries.

Ukraine: Day 12

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War In Ukraine Day 12: New Stage Of Russian Operations Begins (Videos 18+)

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Earlier, on March 5 and 6, the Ukrainian side used information about humanitarian corridors to provoke and block evacuation during the ceasefire regime, as Russia directly informed the Ukrainian side about the ways and time of evacuation in advance, a day or more before.

Therefore, on the third day, on March 7, Russia changed tactics and reported about humanitarian corridors a few hours before the evacuation. It was reported that today French President Macron guaranteed the security of humanitarian corridors on behalf of the Ukrainian  side.

As a result, only dozens of civilians were able to escape from the blockaded cities. Many died under the shelling by Ukrainian nationalist forces.


In the afternoon there were significant tactical successes in the encirclement of the AFU grouping in the Donbas region. On March 7, the main successes of the advancing units of the united Russian and LDPR forces took place in the Severodonetsk-Lisichansk agglomeration in the direction of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk.

From the Kharkiv direction from the northeast to the southwest, Russian troops are moping up the key town of Izyum. In the direction of the Izyum-Slavyansk E40-M03 route, forces of the LPR continued their offensive, and took control of the Staromlinovka railway station in the south of the village of Oskol.

A rocket attack destroyed the local police station in Izyum, where the headquarters of the so-called territorial defense were located.


Also, forces of the LPR reached the outskirts of Severodonetsk and took control of the villages of Kudryashovka, Voronovo, Metelkino, Medvezhye, Askoronovka, Petrovka, Alexandrovka.

In the north of the LPR, a militia detachment was ambushed by the AFU:

War In Ukraine Day 12: New Stage Of Russian Operations Begins (Videos 18+)

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War In Ukraine Day 12: New Stage Of Russian Operations Begins (Videos 18+)

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The grouping of the DPR and Russia are narrowing the ring around Mariupol, the village of Mangush on the western outskirts of the city is under the control of the DPR.

Also, DPR forces advanced in the direction of Vladimirovka, took control of the settlements of Latmoye, Berezove, Yasnoye, Maksimovka and Valeryanovka, encircling Ukrainian forces in the Volnovakha district from the north.


Russian troops are not entering the city of Kiev, fighting continues in the Bucha area. At the same time, the suburbs of the capital were actively shelled with Caliber missiles.


Ukrainian MLRS firing from the residential ares in Kiev :


Two oil depots are burning near Zhytomyr:


In the Nikolaev area, the situation remains difficult for the Russian forces. Russian troops suffered a number of tactical defeats in the directions of Nikolaev and Krivoy Rog. At the same time, the AFU proved unable develop any significant success, while achieving local victories.


Odessa has been left on its own. Russian forces are attacking military infrastructure facilities and the locations of Ukrainian units, without undertaking any assault operation.

Mar 6, 2022

Opinion: Supratim Barman writing for South Front

War In Ukraine: "A Balanced Opinion"

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Written by Supratim Barman

The AngloSpheric Media Disinformation Campaign that is currently being waged with regards to the Russian Intervention in Ukraine, is on a level; that is beyond max distortion. It seems to be magnificently well coordinated from a Central Command Authority.

There are clips from a video game that goes on to claim 22 million views as purportedly being of a Russian jet being shot down, a gas explosion in Tianjin, China being passed off as a Russian Airstrike on Civilian Infrastructure. A TV clip of an Austrian Street-Art Climate Protest Demonstration being presented as that of dead civilians in body bags, killed by rampant and indiscriminate Russian artillery. There are images of a woman in bandages on the covers of European magazines, which turn out to be faked as the woman is neither injured nor a civilian but a member of the Ukrainian Security Services, paid to dress up as a crisis actor. On Twitter we see a face of a guy who CNN has shown to have died previously in Syria and now again in Kiev.

Before RT got taken off the spectrum in the United Kingdom and the European Union nations, you would watch it and think that the Russian Federation is winning this intervention. Switch two channels ahead to CNN and you would think that the Federation itself is being destroyed and the Ukrainian Armed Forces are just a few miles from the gates of Moscow, with President Putin on the run.

How is it possible that when both news outlets are reporting and analyzing the same event, that the outcome that is presented is so diametrically opposite?

Here in the Indian Republic we are far away from this chaos and destruction, and, since RT nor CNN are banned here, we can view both presentations to try and form an opinion as to what is going on there.

We like to think of ourselves as neutral and place ourselves above all this, watching it like some sort of entertainment and waiting to observe which way the trend tends before we commit our precious intellectual dialogue to opinionate in support of the winning side. We see this as a game. A game on which we make pronouncements trying to show off our high intellectual understanding and empathy for whoever “wins” or “loses”; because, like I said: to us, we see this as just a cinema, a “time pass”.

But is it really? Is it really not closer to you than you think. We now see videos of countless Indian students, most just basically children, who are stuck in total isolation in a warzone and bereft of any credible information and guidance from the Ukrainian Authorities as to what to do next as none could have ever imagined being in this situation in Ukraine. We see them being beaten and kicked by Ukrainian Border Guards as they try to exit that territory. We see the door of the train at Kiev Rail Station being shut in their face as the evacuation trains depart and then being told to walk and when asked why, the reply being – “Go ask your Embassy why”, as the Indian Republic abstained in the Security Council as well as at the UNGA vote on motions that attempted to solely and squarely blame the Russian Federation for this crisis.

We see the images of a 21 Indian and Algerian Student killed in the shelling, in circumstances which are unclear and seem to indicate that they were being held hostage and were murdered by the Armed Gangs and Militias, who now dominate as lawless warlords throughout the East of Ukraine, as they both tried to exert their rights as neutral non-combatants in an attempt to leave the city they were trapped in.

The Ukrainian Ambassador in New Delhi, when asked by the Indian Press Corps as to what his Government was doing to facilitate the safety of Indian students within his country and what attempts were being made to allow them to evacuate themselves out; replied very directly that the answer was; nothing. When asked why; he alluded very menacingly, that since the Indian Republic was not taking his side in this issue, Ukraine had no obligation to help nor protect Indian Citizens within his country. Now, you need to ask yourself; what kind of a thing is that to say; especially in the capacity of a High Diplomatic Representative.

India, realizing that they were dealing with people in a National Government that were not totally rational nor normal, gave an offer of dispatching huge quantities of medical supplies in exchange for the Ukrainian Authorities to do all it could to help Indian Citizens reach the borders of her adjacent countries from where the Indian Air Force Transport carriers could then airlift them home.

Do you not find all this odd? The social media platforms of the American Hegemons; Facebook, Twitter as well as the online and print media in the United Kingdom is awash with statements that verge on clinical insanity and drown out any enquiry that questions the veracity, as in; the quality of the accuracy or truth of the information being thrown at you. Where is this “Balanced Opinion” that we were taught to always strive for as a mark of “Western Values”? How are we supposed to achieve this Golden Mean, if we are not even allowed to form an opinion that deviates from themes being dished out by the Corporates, as; “Shared Values”.

I thought it was all but “Freedom of Speech” and smiley faces and Rock n Roll. “Mr Gorbachov, Tear Down This Wall”. I thought it was all that. When you say anything in support of the Russian Federation, I am told, “If you love Communism and Russia so much, Why don’t you go and live there”. Now, there may a twisted logic in that sentiment but is it not more of a statement that a demented idiot with fascist and racist tendencies would utter when having reached the edge of discourse, especially when Communism and Russia are two concepts that no longer go together hand in glove. Secondly, why do I have to go anywhere for voicing my opinion from my understanding of the cause of this upheaval. Is that not a fundamentally racist and dangerously fascist thing to say, given that you are painting one side black in all this.

All this is sadly, exposing the Main Stream Media, (wholly owned by Corporatists), as being nothing but a tool to promote a vision of a society created in their own image of – slaves and masters. It happened throughout this past 2 and a half years with a mindless deluge of covid paranoia; which by the way has now totally and miraculously disappeared from our news feeds and where the number of variations made us near capable students of the Greek Alphabet, if not experts in Microbiology.

The events that are unfolding in Ukraine will change the course of history as the Russian Federation is now determined to save humanity from the New World Order. It will change alliances within the Eurasian Continent and bring about Pamir Highway Integration. It will lead to further adoption and development of cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange and transnational trade and will determinedly accelerate the shift away from the Petrodollar. It will lift the yoke off the neck of millions of people who are struggling to free themselves from the chains of an extractive financial system, which is itself on the verge of collapse under conditions of severe debt, impending hyper-inflation and manic global joblessness and inbound food crisis and grain commodity scarcities.

So, coming back to where I started all this, a Balanced Opinion. There cannot be one truth for you and another truth for me. There is only One Truth. A Balanced Opinion is for fools and idiots who either, twist facts to prove their case or are too dumb to read. There is no – Balanced Opinion.

What the Russian Federation is doing is correct. It is a necessary course of action. You may agree or disagree or even agree to disagree but the fact of the matter is, that if they did not do what they are doing, the world would sink into ruin on the edge of a global conflict. Truth is on their side. Propaganda and stupidity may be on yours but that is not going to be much use when this intervention successfully ends. An intervention that is soaked in Slavic blood, far away from the safety of our living rooms in London and Kolkata.

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