Sep 22, 2023

Excellent Editorial on Biden's Unrelenting Support for Ukraine:

Don't Mistake Cracks In the Biden Facade For Impending Surrender on Ukraine - A Son of the New American Revolution

Great insight by the retired CIA analyst on Biden's moves during and since the visit by Zelenskyy to New York and Washington. Zelenskyy's speech to congress was cancelled at the last moment. People are getting weary of the Ukraine quagmire (for the US). Highly recommend Larry's blog if one wants a true, honest assessment without the fanboi slathering that most pundits in the west do by following the official propaganda, which, if one hasn't guessed by now, is complete nonsense.

US and Western media again spreading fake news, | Fazal Rahman

Amidst the fresh escalation of violence in the Middle East, a story by Israeli i24NEWS reporter Nicole Zedeck from Kfar Aza reported that Is...

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