Sep 5, 2023

Interview with a Real Life X-Files FBI Investigator

An excellent interview by the 'Redacted' channel on Youtube. The FBI special agent featured, was the agent-in-charge of the X-Files division—yes, it was a real thing. The agent, John DeSouza indicates that the 1st season of the X-Files, was taken from some of the cases he worked on, whilst employed by the FBI.
I was initially skeptical, thinking this was conspiracy nonsense. As I watched, I think it is important to realize that this is indeed a psych operation run by the so-called Deep State. John goes on to explain his experiences with the Deep State and indicates there is an international one that runs the entire western system.
He has an interesting quirk—he repeats his 1st sentence twice. It's actually endearing. This man is sharp, don't be confused by his demeanour. Anyway, please watch it, if you like this kind of thing.

Schumer Bows to Zelensky interview with Matt Hoh former State Department

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