Sep 4, 2023

Judge Napolitano in a Special Labour Day Edition 2023, Opines on Ukraine and more:

Thanks, Judge, for the content.

I don't agree with him on many other issues, but in terms of the #UkraineRussiaWar yours truly is in total agreement. Our judge is a critical thinker, obviously, or he wouldn't have been on the bench.

LABOR DAY SPECIAL EDITION: Then & Now - U.S Involvement in Ukraine - YouTube: #shorts A trans cyclist was forced to stand on the winners podium alone after the other female placegetters refused to partake in the medal ceremony. ‘For a ...

Additional news from today's web that I've seen: 
He had 32 SURGERIES to look like a woman, now he's warning everyone what really goes on | Redacted 

Schumer Bows to Zelensky interview with Matt Hoh former State Department

For everyone's information. Damn, our geriatric leaders aren't wise. If we're not careful, they're going to start a confront...

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