Apr 13, 2023

Latest Analysis of events in Bakhmut (Artyomovsk) Ukraine by RT

‼️ What is known about the blocking of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Artyomovsk (Bakhmut): RT analysis

By mid-April, the grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was almost completely blocked in the western part of Artyomovsk. PMC "Wagner" handed over the northern and southern flanks to units of the RF Armed Forces and focused on cleaning up urban areas.

How the operation is developing and what to expect next - in a large analysis of RT.

How many troops are left with the Armed Forces of Ukraine inside the city

 According to RT, only four to seven battalions of the 93rd mechanized and 77th airmobile brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can be located inside the city blocks west of the Artyomovsk railway. Due to combat losses, lack of medicines and ammunition, the actual number of these units is much lower than the regular one and is approximately 250-300 people per battalion .

Also to the west of the railway are three to five battalions of the 125th Territorial Defense Brigade and four to five battalions of the 241st Territorial Defense Brigade.

The total number of the Ukrainian grouping inside city blocks, taking into account foreign mercenaries, units of the National Guard of Ukraine, Troops and military units, may be slightly more than 6 thousand people .

The rest of the forces, numbering about 30 thousand people, are either dispersed in the nearest suburbs (Khromov, Krasny, Stupochki, Bogdanovka and Minkovka), or withdrawn from Artyomovsk for resupply and re-equipment to neighboring Chasov Yar and cannot be promptly thrown into a counterattack due to heavy losses and lack of technology.

What is happening inside Artyomovsk

The timing of the destruction of the AFU grouping, which is actually blocked in the western districts of the city, directly depends on the task assigned to the Wagner PMC units and units of the RF Armed Forces operating on the flanks.

At the moment, the grinding of Ukrainian troops both inside city blocks and in the nearest suburbs leads to the fact that in the Artyomovsky direction Kiev loses 9-11 thousand people per month killed .

This forces the Armed Forces of Ukraine to use reserves for the defense of Artemovsk, prepared for organizing the previously announced offensive.

However, new reserves take over the old, targeted positions, which speeds up their destruction. To advance in the city, the Wagner PMC uses the half-envelope tactics, when Ukrainian units (from one to two companies) form a ring and are destroyed, and the area where the operation is taking place is blocked, which does not allow the Armed Forces to quickly transfer reinforcements.

Such tactics have already begun to lead to a significant increase in the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and an acute shortage of reserves. The number of Ukrainian soldiers killed and wounded since the beginning of April has exceeded the amount of reinforcements received. As the RF Armed Forces advance on Artyomovsk from the flanks (north and south), more and more Ukrainian reserves are being destroyed on the roads between Chasovy Yar and the western quarters of Artyomovsk.

After the complete blocking of the supply, the grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Artyomovsk (from the Boulevard of Metallurgists in the north to the area of the Bakhmut Industrial College in the south) will face a choice: to fight until the ammunition is exhausted or to spend the remnants of weapons on a breakthrough and retreat from the city.

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